Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine Weaning

Generally, Mommy still feels the numbers and pictures and references to you being a dinosaur now helped in the official weaning. But you are only a baby after all, so there were several times during the day when you did rage when Mommy reminded you that Mommy has no milk anymore for you.

So yes, there were tantrums. And one or two times when Mommy had to ask if you wanted a spanking because you refused to listen.

Then again, Mommy has been going out a lot and Pappie and Mommy were out last night. I guess you were bound to feel neglected somehow even if you're not.

But anyway, you celebrated with cake and ice cream today. I am so proud!

here are your pics from that time a grandma found you cute,
asked you to 'bless' and then gave you P3 after


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