Friday, September 24, 2010

You and Harry Potter

I started watching the HP movies and so, of course, you got exposed to them.

You generally say, "Hairy Potter" and I don't know why because am sure I say HARRY right.

Chamber of Secrets is "Hairy Potter and the Big Snake" for you. Prisoner of Azkaban is ""Hairy Potter and the Flying Mumu."

Of the lot, your fave is CoS because it has giant spiders, the big snake, and Dobby plus the flying car and 'angry tree.' Of course, you also like Goblet of Fire 'coz of the dragon.

You keep forgetting Harry's name (you weird boy) and refer to Hermione as "the pretty girl." You refer to Ginny and Luna as "other pretty girls" and refer to Hagrid as "the giant, like me" because we told you how you were named after him.

You sometimes pretend to have a wand and have actually mastered the art of shouting "Ridikulus" :) And sometimes you tell me you want us to read Harry Potter... so I tell you that you have some 8 more years of growing to do.


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