Sunday, June 13, 2010

Miscellaneous Tales and Updates

The latest thing you said that really had me finding you all kinds of cute is when you were holding a toy styracosaurus and said, "Come Cera, three-horns don't play with long necks." That's complete with voice modulation.

Of course, it is now obvious that you watch Land Before Time almost every day... and sometimes, even twice a day (but Mommy won't let that happen again).


You have also taken to saying, "My tummy is talking." whenever your tummy rumbles in hunger, or when you feel full.


You have taken to waking me up by saying, "Mommy, I'm hungry." and you're back to waking up real late again, we're having problems with afternoon naps.


We think you're catching my LIHI because you insist on sharing MY food and having midnight snacks. Last night, despite a full dinner and dessert, you started appealing to me to feed you because you're hungry. You started that around 11 and I gave in at 11:30 and cooked instant noodles for us. You kept refusing milk, you see, and kept asking for grapes or banana, both of which we didn't have.


Around three days ago, you asked Ninang why your tutuy is down... and went upstairs to ask Mommy the same thing.


You would also sometimes say, "hey, what are you doing there baby?" :D


You had a grand time at Market, Market today but was really contrary lots of times. The finale of your day was spending several minutes riding a broken backhoe and front loader near your Pappie's office, with a lollipop in your mouth.

Believe me son, you may have been shouted a lot and spanked even, but you are loved. Way, way loved.


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