Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gross Baby and Other Stories

Well, for what it's worth, you were really just being a baby.

You pooped and was curious enough to have to check it out by poking a finger or two in your diaper. Then you told me you pooped and showed me your soiled finger. Since Mommy was eating, Mommy asked you to wait so Mommy can finish... plus, both CRs in the two households were occupied. Of course, you were impatient. You decided to use your clean fingers to touch your soiled fingers. Curiousity, I guess... or just your penchant to be contrary after being told not to touch your soiled fingers with your clean ones. And because it's lately become a bad habit, you absent-mindedly put your cleaner finger in your mouth.

Needless to say, I went ballistic.


One of Ice's whistles has been gathering dust and germs outside for several days. My fault, I have been telling myself one of you might decide to pick it up and put it in your mouth. After Mass yesterday, that's exactly what you did. After ignoring that whistle for several days, you just decided it would be nice to blow on it again.

I went ballistic again!

I told your father later that if you got sick, it's all your fault really because you were gross.


Upon waking up and hearing me tell you that Lolo's back, you immediately asked for the lollipops Lola showed you on webcam.

Oh and I was so proud to see you kicking and moving that mat during your swimming lessons today.


I had to spank you earlier because you were being very aggressive and violent already with Ice. I know having Lolo around is stressing you even if you are happy to see him... but after your last attack on Ice, who was just following Lolo around, I just felt you needed to really be spanked on top of timeout and "no listening" from Mommy.

Indeed, after that outburst, you mellowed down and calmed down enough... only to scare us again as you pretended to be a vicious dinosaur. Pappie started re-thinking his "No to Care Bears" stance after that.


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