Friday, March 12, 2010

Putting Your Own Socks

It was Wednesday night when you put your own socks on without any help at all. Mommy wished she could share it with Pappie since he was worried about how Ice could take his off on his own while you never have, and you're older.

I told your Pappie that it's probably because we have always been there to do it for you. We really should hover less, I think.

But you did, and I was proud just the same.


Much as I love you playing with clay, there are now on an indefinite timeout. Granted, I get annoyed when you 'shred' them in small pieces and scatter them about. I made peace with that earlier, telling myself that it's the price for your hand dexterity. Unfortunately, you decided they're fun to scattter on food. Food is scared. So maybe around two weeks or so without play dough will make you play with it better.

I love you anyway.

And am happy twas Pappie who read to you tonight, and tucked you to bed.


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