Thursday, May 28, 2009

Marinduque Pics - Gabrielle Shots

dirty, dirty boy

always insisting to jump from this ledge

posing with cousins


another practice

on the water na

happy boy

beat this!

or this

epitome of fun with sand

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Marinduque Pics - Hedwig Shots

hungry, he binged on cookies; he also kept dancing
during the trip

he played and tried drinking from
the snail/crab thingie

he quit swimming at the hotsprings
out of hunger

enjoying the adult treehouse

trying to go overboard to reach the water

having way too much fun

Rubeus Iakob Arevalo, tananatan, tanananatan...

you're cute!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Baby Likes Bean

Mr. Bean, that is.

I don't know why but he just really watches Mr. Bean shows with rapt attention. He doesn't laugh or anything, he just really watches the shows.


Last night, Ninang Gang caught a dragonfly for Yakee and attached a string to it. For a while, Yakee was content pulling it after him but he later detached it from the string and put it in his water cup. Later on, he tried drinking from the same cup with the bug still in it.

Crazy boy!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

This Week So Far

You were such a good boy this week baby. Eventhough Tita Ninang wasn't there to help, we generally had great fun.

You helped me do the laundry by playing in your tub.

And we survived a trip to Robinsons on our own. You just occupied yourself eating a waffle while I pushed our cart.

And yes, no errand or trip would dissuade you from passing by that carinderia to see the rabbits. You even get Pappie to take you there for no reason at all. He can't resist you signing rabbit. Hehe. He's been trying to convince me that we get you one but sorry darling, you're still too young for a pet and Mommy isn't ready for one.

Oh and yeah... you like licking soap and trying to drink from the faucet or showerhead.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yucky, Wacky


In Marinduque, I was chagrined many times because you insisted on munching on sand and crushed coral. You even attempted to eat the live snails you saw on the rocks at Melchor Island.

Plus, you also tried sipping the water and kissing that crab-snail thing they caught for you to play with.

And you insisted on scooping ocean water with your toy and drinking it. The following day, we saw a rat swimming in the same ocean. Then again, it's the same ocean where you probably peed in and the same one where you pooped.

And you also put pebbles in your mouth and attempted to chew on barks.

And yes, that's not counting all the water you end up drinking when we go swimming, whether in the ocean or at the hotsprings pool.

But today... you really scared and amazed me. You found mouse dropping and proceeded to savor it in your mouth. Worse, you only spit hot things or real food you don't like, but things like lint and crumbs and plastic chips and paper don't bother you. You just keep savoring it and rolling it in your tongue.

Thank God I got most of that mouse dropping, which was only about a grain of rice in size. But no amount of scooping and scrubbing your mouth with water and my finger could deny the fact that damage has been done. You have ingested something really, really atrocious. One that can make you really sick. One that can really be toxic.

And so I am fretting.

Meanwhile, you continue being happy as a lark.


I love the new words you learned in Marinduque though, saying 'nice', 'delicious' and 'pebbles' on your own.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Having A Ball

Yakee's uber dark now. But he's having such great fun!

First, he played in the pier while we were waiting for the RoRo ship. Then he played at the ship. Then he enjoyed the beach.

Yesterday, he enjoyed the hotspring. We were the ones who got tired because he insists on being dunked and jumping into the pool to be caught. And in between, he played with every bug possible, three anito drums, two other musical instruments, and had two different sets of carbs for pets. The kagang, we even tied ropes on for him to lead and pull around.

He's having a blast. And he just woke up super recharged for more!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Freaky Child

Yakee kept scratching his ear till it drew blood. I cleaned up the blood and showed him the red blotches on the cotton bud. He learns the word BLOOD ("bla"). And he giggles with glee everytime I show him the blood in the cotton buds.


Meanwhile, the bruise on Mommy's lip is now black. Pappie was askance when he saw it because I forgot to tell him it was bruised that bad. Obviously, it's a huge blood clot. Sigh.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rough and Tumbles

I was leaving to run some errands yesterday when you started crying because you wantede to come with me. You lost your balance and ended up hitting your forehead and face on your table. Tita Ninang said your eyes ballooned for a while and you have a bump on your forehead to show for the tantrum.

I guess you must have thought you needed to avenge yourself but it was out of glee that you headbutted Mommy last night. Mommy now has a swollen, black lip and it's hard to eat. My skull also still hurts.


You lasted 7 seconds underwater though, so i\m still so proud of you. But excitement really doesn't sit well with you because we had a major incident again after you kicked my food and it spilled on the floor. I slapped your hand and shouted because I was really angry. And I let you cry while restraining you in my arms.

Just know Baby that i've never really spanked you yet. I've been angry many times and scared many times but i've generally chosen to put you down, away from me, instead of spanking you.

I've come close to denying you of Mommy but you're still baby enough to remind Mommy that I shouldn't do that. Love you.

And you hit your head on the ball near my ankle while playing with Tita Ninang, from too much glee and kaharutan really.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cute, Cute

Yakee was gifted with a lot of clothes that were too big for him on his birthday and last Christmas. I thought some of them, he'd be able to wear when he's around two already.

So it was lucky that I rummaged in our drawers and found in time that this jumper fits him just right now. And he put on his bonnet on his own. Perfect!!!

And here is one of his pics taken yesterday while literally having a ball at Yu Ming School. And then a pic of his bruise, because he hit the car door hard (Pappie's fault!)

Hay baby... you're growing up so fast! And sooo cute!!!

Dirty, Dirty, Dirty

Mommy tried teaching you to sign HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY... I don't think you'd sign it in time but I love you anyway.

You had great fun outside all day. You proved a handful too and there were many times I wanted to go home out of frustration because you refused to stay with us, refused to eat, refused to be careful. But Mommy and Pappie know that you liked playing with kids at the playground of Yu Ming School. And we couldn't help but be proud that you were super comfortable at the Expo Mom stage.

I really think you fell sorta in love with the Yogakids instructor.

And I kept telling your father that you dance like that because you only have half a neck. Hehe.

I was really envious of a friend's child who was content to be carried in a sling... but I do know that it's the love and security we've given you that allows you to be brave in exploring the world. You are really not a baby anymore... and we are respecting your uniqueness.


You made us parents. You made me a Mom. Always, I will thank God for having blessed us with you.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Last Friday, before going upstairs with me, you sort of said "Love you" back to Pappie. After many prompting, you finally echoed it back. And then you refused to repeat it again. Sigh.


This night, you traumatized Pappie because while he was disposing of your dirty diaper, you thought to climb the stairs on your own. And when he called out to you, you thought he was running after you so you climbed up faster.


We have both noticed it... you could already literally reach the basketball hoop on the stairs. You're really growing longer each day!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Not That Independent After All

Mind you, darling, it is a great thing not to be... after all, you're just a year and a half old.

Thank you for looking for Mommy and coming back to Momsy's place. You could have wandered around the village and we could have lost you. You could have been bitten by a dog or kidnapped and sold to child syndicates. You could have been 'adopted' by someone else. The list goes on and on... but you went looking for Mommy. For home.


Pacquiao won his fight against Hatton today baby... and Pappie taught you to jump up and down, with your arms raised, after he says your name in that boxing commentator way.


You can't get enough of lizards. Sigh.


The most Lolo could say after we found you was, "You're such a naughty boy." See, he was exausted by your dancing and running and laughing all day... and you woke him several times by banging on the organ

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