Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dirty, Dirty, Dirty

Mommy tried teaching you to sign HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY... I don't think you'd sign it in time but I love you anyway.

You had great fun outside all day. You proved a handful too and there were many times I wanted to go home out of frustration because you refused to stay with us, refused to eat, refused to be careful. But Mommy and Pappie know that you liked playing with kids at the playground of Yu Ming School. And we couldn't help but be proud that you were super comfortable at the Expo Mom stage.

I really think you fell sorta in love with the Yogakids instructor.

And I kept telling your father that you dance like that because you only have half a neck. Hehe.

I was really envious of a friend's child who was content to be carried in a sling... but I do know that it's the love and security we've given you that allows you to be brave in exploring the world. You are really not a baby anymore... and we are respecting your uniqueness.


You made us parents. You made me a Mom. Always, I will thank God for having blessed us with you.


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