Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yucky, Wacky


In Marinduque, I was chagrined many times because you insisted on munching on sand and crushed coral. You even attempted to eat the live snails you saw on the rocks at Melchor Island.

Plus, you also tried sipping the water and kissing that crab-snail thing they caught for you to play with.

And you insisted on scooping ocean water with your toy and drinking it. The following day, we saw a rat swimming in the same ocean. Then again, it's the same ocean where you probably peed in and the same one where you pooped.

And you also put pebbles in your mouth and attempted to chew on barks.

And yes, that's not counting all the water you end up drinking when we go swimming, whether in the ocean or at the hotsprings pool.

But today... you really scared and amazed me. You found mouse dropping and proceeded to savor it in your mouth. Worse, you only spit hot things or real food you don't like, but things like lint and crumbs and plastic chips and paper don't bother you. You just keep savoring it and rolling it in your tongue.

Thank God I got most of that mouse dropping, which was only about a grain of rice in size. But no amount of scooping and scrubbing your mouth with water and my finger could deny the fact that damage has been done. You have ingested something really, really atrocious. One that can make you really sick. One that can really be toxic.

And so I am fretting.

Meanwhile, you continue being happy as a lark.


I love the new words you learned in Marinduque though, saying 'nice', 'delicious' and 'pebbles' on your own.


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