Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rough and Tumbles

I was leaving to run some errands yesterday when you started crying because you wantede to come with me. You lost your balance and ended up hitting your forehead and face on your table. Tita Ninang said your eyes ballooned for a while and you have a bump on your forehead to show for the tantrum.

I guess you must have thought you needed to avenge yourself but it was out of glee that you headbutted Mommy last night. Mommy now has a swollen, black lip and it's hard to eat. My skull also still hurts.


You lasted 7 seconds underwater though, so i\m still so proud of you. But excitement really doesn't sit well with you because we had a major incident again after you kicked my food and it spilled on the floor. I slapped your hand and shouted because I was really angry. And I let you cry while restraining you in my arms.

Just know Baby that i've never really spanked you yet. I've been angry many times and scared many times but i've generally chosen to put you down, away from me, instead of spanking you.

I've come close to denying you of Mommy but you're still baby enough to remind Mommy that I shouldn't do that. Love you.

And you hit your head on the ball near my ankle while playing with Tita Ninang, from too much glee and kaharutan really.


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