Monday, May 4, 2009

Not That Independent After All

Mind you, darling, it is a great thing not to be... after all, you're just a year and a half old.

Thank you for looking for Mommy and coming back to Momsy's place. You could have wandered around the village and we could have lost you. You could have been bitten by a dog or kidnapped and sold to child syndicates. You could have been 'adopted' by someone else. The list goes on and on... but you went looking for Mommy. For home.


Pacquiao won his fight against Hatton today baby... and Pappie taught you to jump up and down, with your arms raised, after he says your name in that boxing commentator way.


You can't get enough of lizards. Sigh.


The most Lolo could say after we found you was, "You're such a naughty boy." See, he was exausted by your dancing and running and laughing all day... and you woke him several times by banging on the organ


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