Saturday, May 23, 2009

This Week So Far

You were such a good boy this week baby. Eventhough Tita Ninang wasn't there to help, we generally had great fun.

You helped me do the laundry by playing in your tub.

And we survived a trip to Robinsons on our own. You just occupied yourself eating a waffle while I pushed our cart.

And yes, no errand or trip would dissuade you from passing by that carinderia to see the rabbits. You even get Pappie to take you there for no reason at all. He can't resist you signing rabbit. Hehe. He's been trying to convince me that we get you one but sorry darling, you're still too young for a pet and Mommy isn't ready for one.

Oh and yeah... you like licking soap and trying to drink from the faucet or showerhead.


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