Sunday, April 26, 2009

So Many Updates

At his last two swimming sessions, Yakee paid less attention to the instructor. Partly because the water is cold and being put on the platform makes him shiver. Partly because we're now holding the classes at the other side of the pool, nearer the people, so he gets distracted by all the goings on. Partly because he's too comfortable now that it's just really play to him.

We're supposed to be learning how to float but he doesn't like lying on the water. And he insists on kicking on his own rather than suffer my machinations. And he gets tickled when I hold his hips/butt.

He's also stopped jumping into the water. He'd just smile his coy smile and continue looking around. But he allos Teacher Berna to hold him longer and doesn't have any problem being dunked in the water. In fact, last Saturday, amidst his attempts to impress his watching Pappie and Ninangs (which really made him not focus all the more), he also learned to swim to Mommy from a short distance.

And he is top in his class (of two kids below 2 years of age). Hehe.

On his own, he also attempted to blow bubbles in the water when Mommy was only showing him how.

I guess you could say, we were dang too proud of this particular investment!


At the marketplace in Tagaytay, he refused to eat veggies. Instead, he feasted on crispy fried tawilis. Hay.


He's now using "beautiful eyes" a lot to get his way.


He enjoyed spending time with his cousins and basking in the glory of being the bunso. He played for hours on end and even had to sup at 12 AM from all the playing. And today, he learned to say "paper."

Last Friday, he learned to sign "rabbit."


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