Sunday, April 5, 2009

First Real Commute

Yakee had his first real commute last Friday, April 03. It was also the first time Mommy brought him anywhere all by herself.

He was mostly quiet and observing-feeling the new experience. We rode a jeep to Taft P. Gil then boarded a bus for las PiƱas. Then we rode a tricycle for Momsy's place where Yakee was standing the whole time during the ride.


Of course, Momsy and Lolo and his aunts and uncle and yaya Tina enjoyed having him around. Ninang Ira absolutely loved the way he'd sign monkey.

He also played with Iya in her pool, which we set up in the garage, two days in a row. And he ate soooo much veggies, the adults were again thrilled.


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