Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Slips, Accidents and What-Have-You's

Sunday night, he ran after I bathed him and placed him on a mat so he can wipe his feet. It was my fault that I didn't ask his father to watch him in case he runs... which he did, so he slipped.

That was a mega bump on the head indeed.


He started running a fever so we had Evelyn also massage him. She says he has some pilay again, maybe because of his slip the previous day, or the entire weekend he spent dancing on the backrest of MIL's sofa and then jumping into his Ninang's arms. Hay.


I left him sleeping beside his Pappie so I could get my massage. He woke up, pooped, and rouse his father by playing with his poop. Pappie says he was uber traumatized.


Mommy was late in submitting his pic but it was still included in the Baby Magazine April issue, "I Love the Water". He's the one with the big grin in the top/middle of page 4.


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