Friday, April 3, 2009

Ay Wub Wu

Without asking you to say it back, you said those words to Mommy. Poor Pappie is a little jealous because he (and Ninang Rez) have been teaching you to say it back to them. But you repeated it to me! :)

Mommy can't wait for you to really say it and mean it. In the meantime, Mommy is content with the hugs and the way you cling to Mommy, and the way you call to her. She knows you lover her. She hopes you know she loves you more than life itself.


Pappie is wondering who's been feeding you these days because you've suddenly started weighing heavily in our arms. Or what's being fed to you. He even says your cheeks are getting chubby again.

Maybe it's all the milk your drinking that isn't Mommy's, on top of all your food intake.


Love it when you try to cackle like a chicken :)


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