Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hyper Swimmer

I don't know if it was how I woke him up, or the breakfast he had, or seeing the earlier "Baby and Me" class but my son was super hyper in the water today. He tired me out faster and kept "drowning" me with his splashing and treading. He was just so happy and excited, he hardly followed the instructions.

At one exercise, we (the caregivers) are asked to let our babies hold onto the side landing (?) and let them pick temselves up from there, climb onto the landing and sit. Yakee does one better, he proceeds to crawl the length of the landing. :)

Even the older child who joined us today gave up after being asked to jump in the water. But Yakee did it several times. I'm just hoping his instructors consider him a great reward considering all the crying babies getting out of the water after classes with them. Hehe.


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