Monday, July 27, 2009


About two months ago, I started listing down the words that Yakee says, babbles, understands and signs. It was hard because he generally responds to conversations already and I keep realizing that I forgot to include certain words in the list so in the end, I just stopped updating the list.

But for what it's worth, let me blog about those words. And some words he could sign, he could also say.


giraffe, zebra, butterfly, cow, chicken, duck, lizard, fruit, lollipop, chocolate, cake, pizza, drum, umbrella, xylophone, cup, sit, Ninang, Tito, Momsy, poop, pee, star, wash, smile


lion, bird, tiger, horse, monkey, bear, elephant, rabbit, dog, cat, fish, frog, juice, egg, apple, peach, pear, grapes, vegetable, ball, balloon, bubbles, bug, hot, cold, candy, flower, trumpet, telephone, towel, sleep, outside, car, spoon, fork, Mommy, Pappie, lolo, lola, milk, watch, book, cooking, cookie, banana, orange, dirty, clean, red, nice, wet, dry, happy, blanket, play, toy, yes, boy, girl, train, bus, boat, plane, bath, soap, cereal, color, cheese, tree, wind, rain, plane, goodnight, help

Now... he just really knows more words! And funnily enough, he speaks Tagalog (and in phrases) when we're at my in laws ("Di masarap, yoko nyan, etc") and still refuses to repeat "I Love You".

Ask him to say Goofy and he'd say, "Sfufi" :D

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sick Baby

He was a little down after eating at Don Vito, that last night in Boracay. But he was frolicking at the beach again the following day.

Then, Sunday night in Kalibo, he was already warm. Warm again Monday and then he started having 39-degree fevers Tuesday. The fever would go on and off, and now, the highest it's been is only 38. But i've had him massaged by Tita Evelyn and hope it was just really viral or pilay that got him. He's not nauseous and lethargic, he has appetite and plays, and I am actually allowing more TV so he'd stay seated for longer periods of time.

Meanwhile, i've finished uploading his Boracay pics. And meanwhile, he's at that stage when any little thing frightens him. Irrational fears that he never had before... now he'd even cry because of someone shouting in a commercial.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Back Home

What you did the first hour you're home is go through your toys as if conducting an inventory if they're all still here. Mommy is sorry we didn't bring any of them with us, but I think your guitar makes up for all the days you went without them.

Now, please, stop running a fever baby.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Boracay Trooper

Leave it to you to be the only toddler (sometimes, actually the only person) playing in the beach when the ocean is raging with waves and the wind is so strong that everywhere, establishments have put up storm screens.

Leave it to you to try eating sand just because you're delighted with them.

Leave it to you to be the only one actually enjoying the rain here in Boracay, and to be happy with puddles and flood and the frogs that accompany the rain.

Leave it to you to allow guides to carry you just so you can go into a cave, or go down a steep set of stairs on your own to go into one, and to relish swimming even though the water is cold.

Leave it to you to eat vegetable bread sticks while everyone in our boat were huddling close for warmth and to escape the heavy beating of rain and splash of sea... and then to fall asleep through it all, as if nothing was happening and we didn't have to leave the big motor boat for a small one. And that you could smile when you hear the word 'Jollibee' when everybody, including you, were dripping from the rain that was pouring down on us for hours then.

And to still not have a cold after days of rain and sea... and still have fun. You're really such a trooper darling, Pappie and Mommy are so happy.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Missing Your Shaved Head

Everybody's been commenting about your hair, how long it already is, how unruly, how weird. And last Saturday, we realized that if your "buntot" goes to your right, your lolo Ruben's goes to his left. Hehe.

Oh, you kept stepping on lolo's foot that was swollen with gout when we visited him in the hospital. But he loves you so he didn't mind much.


Pappie is worried that you'd be a handful in Boracay. And he was asking me why you're already "terrible" when you're not even two. I told him that you've been fairly advanced socially, verbally, physically so it isn't a surprise that you are one raging independent, curious, overactive boy now. I should keep you away from sweets though if we're to manage for five days in Boracay...

We love you. We're struggling with you but we love you. And we wouldn't have it any other way because you are a cute, healthy, smart, loving, lovable kid.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Funny Boy

Yakee was fascinated to watch Mommy blow her nose. He even immitated Mommy. But when Mommy started picking on her nose to clean it further, Yakee was aghast, horrified, scandalized. He began wagging his finger at me and saying "No, no, no!" :)

When I wouldn't stop, he started pulling my shorts. Hehe.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jollibee Uh-Oh

Last Saturday, we had my sister and her boyfriend bring Yakee to Jollibee to eat breakfast while hubs and I attended the Pedia Talk.

This morning, Yakee woke up when I was about to take a bath because I was going out. He was actually jolly enough and the minute he was downstairs, he started going for the door, wanting to go out and saying "Jollibee" again and again.


I was tempted to give them money for Jollibee but hubs reminded me it won't be a good practice. Anyway, buying lugaw was diversion enough. I guess he just really liked going out.


Despite some tantrums when you're uber sleepy or you want to play, you've been pretty mellower lately, baby Yakee. Love you!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bad Behavior

Because you were upset, you turned on Ice and pushed him so hard that he landed on the floor from standing up. And there was a loud thump as his head hit the floor. The good thing was, it seems he wasn't really THAT hurt because a short trip outside in the arms of his mother calmed him down readily and he still wanted to play with you after.

I spanked your bottom. I also slapped your hand. Not that hard, but I hit you still. Mommy was so angry and ashamed of what you did because someone was hurt (your aunt just couldn't really get angry with us but am sure she was seething) but most of all, Mommy was actually angry and ashamed of herself for not being more attuned to you to catch such tantrums. And Mommy is struggling with the disciplining bit. She is trying to be as consistent as possible and I guess it's natural that you will rage against it initially, or sometimes, but the tears are always hard.

I'm sorry I hit you. I'm sorry I am not a better Mom. I'm sorry but I will continue to let you cry sometimes because I have to raise you valuing what's good.

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