Thursday, February 5, 2009

Why, Oh, Why?

Well, Mommy hates peppering her Mommy blog and the Family blog with Yakee's pics.

No, not really.

But Mommy needs a handy journal to document everything (read: from the mundane to the embarassing to the wonderful and magical) Yakee does... so when he grows up, he'd know the dates of when I accidentally hit his head on the wall, and what new antic he did and when.

Hopefully, his other siblings will have similar blogs... otherwise, this will be a source of sibling rivalry.

And may I update this dutifully.


About nine hours ago, Yakee had his second hair cut and we had his head shaved again. He behaved better this time.

He also got to eat his first official meal of fries because he was soooo quick to pick on his aunts' orders. I didn't want him eating those but it will be more wrong to stop him and yet let him see his aunts eating them. Sigh. End of fast food for him.

And oh, he knows Jollibee already (maybe from commercials since we don't eat there often). And he'd twist the knob on the oven toaster only to sway his hips in time with the ticking. I swear, he dances to any tune, music or noise!

He hated sitting on a revolving teacup though. Hehe.

And we bought new books (well, old ones from Booksale) for him because he's really responding to them now.


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