Monday, February 23, 2009

He Likes his R's

Weird. Yakee will repeat words like Scorky (hub's family's chipmunk), dirty, cracker, cockroach, etc. but we'd be hardpressed to have him repeat other words. But it's cute nonetheless because he's repeating more words now, and signing more words too.

We point to a house, and he'll sign HORSE. Hehe.

Unfortunately, he's gotten too used to watching TV sprawled on his front on the floor, so he does the same at MIL's.

He's also fascinated by chalk and writing doodling (and erasing!) but he couldn't be contained to just the chalkboard.

He started greeting his father with "Pappie" last Thursday. And he loved the shower feature at MIL's :) If only the water here at home isn't too cool for him, I wouldn't need to heat water anymore.

Finally, he's gotten rid of his colds and has his appetite back. And his grandparents and aunts all just adore him so.

Toay, I introduced him to cereals in milk. He seemed to like it, but mainly because he likes milk.


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