Thursday, February 19, 2009

Recovering Baby

Both Mommy and Baby got sick so Mommy forgot to update.

Let me see...

He now demands to watch TV... especially baby Signing Time videos. And it's great because he copies the sign language from the video.

His favorite words are 'cracker' and 'cockroach'.

His aunt fed him some red-colored chocolate lollipops (shaped like a rose, a gift from Daryl) and his poop came out red, which alarmed everyone (esply Pappie). Good thing Mommy remembered that it happened to her too before (she feasted on orange-colored chocolate from Chocolate Lover).

He was looking for Mommy last night and was only pacified when given about 2 ounces of fresh milk. Awawa!

He's taken to asking for milk when he sees Mommy on the PC.

After several nights of crying in his sleep and tossing about a lot... he slept soundly last night.

After several days of not eating right, his appetite is back!

And he's soooo cute, Mommy's in love!


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