Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lots of Teeth = Bloody Tumbles

Yakee has 17 teeth now, in varying stages of growth.

And since he likes playing rough, he was having a grand time with Tito Rocky, who put her back down when he was still dizzy.

And because cousin Iya started tugging at him, he fell. Slowly. On his back.

And because of his many teeth, he accidentally bit his tongue. Which bled for a while. Which got him crying.

Tita Sanch hurried to get him a flower to cheer him up. She offered it to him and then got surprised when he whipped out a flower from the inside of his jacket and laughed.

Crazy boy.


Mommy is happy to report that he didn't make the Vizcaya trip unbearable. He was quite antsy on the way to Balai Gloria from the wake but he was entertained by the photoslide Mommy made for him.


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