Thursday, November 15, 2012

Happy Homeschooler... Happy Breather... So Far

Right now... we are undertaking a Buteyko workshop because I really want to wean us from medicines. Unfortunately, it will require around an hour everyday (at around 20 minutes/3x/day) of your cooperation, which is really posing a challenge. I don't want to be scaring you into obedience and compliance... nor dangling bribes your way... because this is for you. Like what I told you, it's because I love you so much that I want you off the meds and just managing your body on your own.

I would be the happiest Mom on earth if this results in the end of asthma for you, forever.

Homeschooling-wise... you have fallen in love with the term. Our rhythm was disrupted this week by the Buteyko sessions but we've managed to squeeze in reading time. I'm glad that, though you get disheartened initially by big words, you still end up tackling them the following day.

And I think I can already say that all in all, you ARE really reading. (You wrote bat and pat on your own at the workshop too, that was so cute!).

I just need to provide more activities for you from now on.


You still have days where you'd be teasing your brother a lot... or even get really mad at him over a toy... but you also get really upset when you see him in trouble with me, and you always rush to defend him.

I love that you tell me when you're upset with me. I love that you trust me that much. And i'm sorry for the times I really scare you with my temper (yesterday, when I was still hopping mad at Ate Nene and shouting my way through the rage).


I have kept my dates with you pretty much... and I know you like that. Last week, you suddenly had this desire to ride an elephant so Pappie and I are now exploring ways to deliver that desire.


Miscellaneous FB updates of you...

Yakee to me: Mommy, do you know why you're very beautiful? Because I love you so much.

Then later, he asked me to guide his hand in making a heart so he can write "I love you" (sorry, I dunno how to make a heart here)... then he said, "this is for you Mommy, I love you so much".

Yesterday din, he got our neighbor to write a letter for him... and the letter basically said, "I love you so much because you love me so much."

Haha... sana this sweetness at 5 will last forever! I am basking in the pure glory of it!

As karma to me letting our 7-year old neighbor babysit my kids for me, Yakee is now going around saying he has a crush (because neighbor girl has a crush on her friend) on his classmate too... and that Yamee has a crush on him because Bunso kissed Kuya.

After getting into a cab
Driver: Sa'n daan natin Ma'am?
Me: J.P. Rizal
Yakee: Mommy, where's the jeep ni Rizal? :D

(While we were driving to school naman mahal, Iakob said that he saw Maxwell and his twin brother (which he forgot the name of the brother). Me knowing that it was also a name starting with "M", teased him, s it Mcdonalds? ... "Pappie No!", Mariano? ... "Pappie No!", Mustafa ... Pappie No he is not a vegtable (Thinking of mustasa) !!!)

Because Yamee was throwing a tantrum during lunch (and our attempts at comforting him or distracting him weren't amounting to anything), hubs and I decided we will just let him cry it out and we'd just comfort him after he's calmed down a little.

Yakee came to us brandishing a wooden sword, looking very upset. Then, on the verge of tears, he said, "I am angry to you. I take care of my brother but the two of you don't."

Yes.... sumbatan :D

While walking from school to Power Plant Mall a few weeks ago... we passed by a huge drawing of a peen on the wall Yakee has a habit of jumping from. Yakee said, "Oh wow, look Mommy, a drawing. I think that's Mickey Mouse."


Thankfully, the vandalism WAS rather plump in its rendition, haha.

It's more fun if you visit museums with your kids :D

(haha, sorry sa lack of reverence for the art of the Masters)

Yakee: Mommy, you are the Mommy grouch. I am the Kuya grouch. Yamee is the baby grouch and Pappie is the Pappie grouch. We are Spanish.

(I dunno why he insists on announcing these things.... we have been penguins, birds, cats, molehogs, etc but ngayon lang kami nagka-foreign nationality!)

Asked hubs to get boxes from work and he also got some from MIL for our decluttering plans... but the boys have turned the balikbayan box into a slide, and the other boxes into tunnels and 'grouch' homes...

so.. pano na?

Let's just say... you each have your own brand of naughtiness :)

Yakee just talked in his sleep... and said... "I will just stay here and wait for you, ha, Mama"

Awww... now I feel guilty already for possibly having to leave the house many times next week!

Yakee: Mommy, I know 3 things from you.
1. Do not play with the eggs (he means the uncooked ones)
2. Do not rip the box (because I tell him they become useless), and
3. Do not run away from you (in public, because he might get into accidents or someone might snatch him)

Yes... in 5 years, yan lang naituro ko sa kanya :D

I seriously hope that getting hit in the head by a book by your child... because you suggested for him to stop learning to read for the day... isn't part of regular homeschooling...


(I scolded him syempre and reminded him of rules 1) never hit, and 2) books are sacred. Then I explained why I was suggesting we stop. I explained na him being restless is his body's way of telling him he has to move.

Then I reminded him of our new homeschooling rules... 1) we homeschool everyday, 2) other activities are part of homeschooling... so he need not be scared we're not going to read or count or paint again, and that play is part of homeschooling nga)

Yakee told me last week na he wants, even if he can read already, for me to still read to him sometimes. Yinakap ko ng todo syempre and sinabihan na I want that too

Yakee put on a puppet show for us. I wasn't sure which was more wonderful... his attempts at storytelling that way, or the wonder in Yamee's eyes as he watched his Kuya.


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