Friday, October 12, 2012

You Are Now 5

You LOVED celebrating your birthday and would only-too-happy remind us that you will celebrate 3 times... the lunch with Pappie's family, the one at St. Michael and the trip to the robot zoo.
I also noticed that you were just sooo sweet and more eager to please coming into your birthday... and at my PTC with Tita Maricar, she echoed how you took charge of playing with and being patient with Dejan because you knew the others aren't as patient with him. That's Big Brother attitude and we love you for it. Tita and I also noticed how calmer you are generally, and she reassured me that you can deliver on instructions.
As at home, you don't like drawing at school but like painting... Tita also said you don't like playing house much there and still prefer physical activity.
You were sick days before our birthdays and just ended your medication and nebulizing tonight. Sigh. But as always, you were a trooper.
I had to spank you the other day for pushing Yamee off the sofa... which resulted in him hitting his head on the floor. I write that now here to let you know that you still get spanked (though very rarely now), you still have moments of overexcited hands... and juxtapose that to how loving you are as a brother (you'd often need to be reassured that Yamee was okay without you, you insist on getting hugs from him when you get home from school, you like playing with Yamee and would go berserk when he doesn't want to play).
Now... you are living for the Robot Zoo trip and the Bohol trip, because you're excited to see the tarsier.
Miscellaneous FB Updates :)
Two moms I spent time with last weekend just recently found out that they're preggers... for their third child.

God... I am not taking this as a sign!!! Not even with Yakee having told me earlier that Yamee grew in my tummy because he asked God for a playmate.
I think I will really invest in these multi scarves just so they can play pirate and ninja in style :D
Me: Know what, we might be going to Museong Pambata with some of mommy's friends (talking of a Rockers plan to play date there).
Yakee: Good mommy. You know there is a computer there, but it's a different computer. It's a key computer. When you press the keys, some will get stuck. So, I will pull at them and they will not be stuck anymore. Then, I will press again and the keys will get stuck again.
(after thinking long and hard)
Me: Oh darling, that isn't a computer. That's a typewriter you're talking about.


I think it's time I bring out our old one...
Yakee: Mommy, when is Ninang Josephine coming back?
Me: Oh baby, she's coming back after a long time... you will be seven years old by then.
Yakee: Hmmm... then I will be a man, and when Ninang comes back, she will say..."where is my Iakob" because she will not know it's me. Because i'm already so big.
Me: Yes, probably.
Yakee: Yes, Mommy... I will be a man that time and taking care of Yamee.


Yakee: Pappie, when I grow up, I will be a big man like you.
Pappie: Yes.
Yakee: Then I will marry Mommy.
Pappie: No, Mommy is married to me already. You will find someone to marry.

(all this talk of growing up... maybe because he's turning 5 in 3 weeks' time)
While trying to explain to Yakee that we need to do something that will still allow me to draw pictures of Yamee's feet... he said, "Mommy, I wish you have more hands so that you can do everything with me and Yamee."

Since he wanted to play luksong-tinik, I told him I needed more than extra hands for that.


While reading Apolakus (an Adarna House purchase from the MIBF which I really love), I paused to ask him, "How would you feel if other kids took away your lunch?"

Yakee replied, "Oh it's ok Mommy, there are no enemies at my school. Nobody will get my food."

(yes, my son is assured he'd get to eat at @St St Michael Playhouse Makati because they all even help in food preparation)

And just like that... without me prompting him, teaching him, terrifying him, training him or bribing him... Yakee can read CVC words and even wrote BAT on his own.

It won't be a big deal to those who are following the more traditional way of preparing their kids for school... but it is proof that barring special needs and limitations, children will bloom beautifully on their own, without 'interventions' from parents and educational programs. (sept 19)


Their current brotherly trick is jumping from the headboard of our bed together...


This is a fire hydrant just past Ateneo Business school (?) in the Rockwell area which we pass by when I fetch him from St Michael... he's really bummed my Android phone broke because I can't take pics of him there anymore.


I dressed the boys in matching pyjamas (gift from Ninang Karla last Christmas). Yakee said, "Mommy, I think we should make Ninang XiAh see us on webcam."

I said... "Oh sorry baby, Mommy's laptop is broken, that's why I couldn't work all day."

Yakee said, "Ahhh... so you can play with us!"

Laya can I plead 'birthday blues' to my children to justify the extended PC use? No? Awwww.... :D


In the dark, while nursing Yamee and caressing Yakee to sleep... Yakee says, "Mommy? I am making a heart shape with my hands. It's for you because I love you so much."

Sigh. I think Yakee will kill me with sweetness sometimes, haha.


Hubby's post:
Iakob my dear son... 5 years have gone just like that. Be as sweet and as loving always! Happy Birthday Panganay!


Me: You know, when I was a little girl, i loved camote so much. I like it when it's still piping hot and I'd remove the skin and then mash it with butter and sugar. I'd eat it like that.
Yakee: That's good Mommy. That's a nice dream.

I really laughed so hard... yes, at 35, your childhood somehow feels like it was all a dream.


Instead of stressing myself in creating banners and what-nots for Yakee to wake up to tomorrow... I chose instead to cram and work on his birthday story.

Unfortunately, I am doing more crying than writing. I am doing more reminiscing than writing.

And in the background, Yamee is hooting.


He was perfectly created and is growing up beautifully... thank you, darling, for making better persons out of me and Pappie


Yakee: But Mommy, when you and Pappie sleep together, that is so BAD! (with matching tears)

Nope... he hasn't caught us in the act, he is just trying to argue his way back into the family bed and doesn't care who he ousts, me or his father. Eh, I told him Pappie and Mommy cannot sleep apart :D


There isn't a perfect hacky sack here... I struggled till the end (and there are many rejects, haha). But Yakee was in mind the whole time I was making them... of all the years we have been blessed by him. And so, I hope his friends will still enjoy them :)

Thanks to St Michael Playhouse Makati for letting us celebrate our son's birthday with them.


Hubby Jojo had the idea of gifting Yakee with something that appeals to the senses (wahaha, told him in Waldorf, there's 12 senses, so he's got a theme na till Yakee turns 17).

He bought him new binoculars and this.

The prob now is... how do we bring it to Bohol without breaking it? :D


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