Monday, March 23, 2009

Signing and Talking More

After months and weeks of babbling, it only just occurred to Mommy to record her son's babbling. Sus. Now I have a very clear recording of him saying "Mommy" :)


I am so happy about Yakee's eating habits. So happy that I allowed him to eat french fries and burger at McDonalds yesterday, and even sip softdrinks (Sprite?) too. Good thing though, he didn't have a lot of those but opted to eat rice and fried chicken the whole party time.

And last Saturday, when I cooked sinigang, he allowed me to feed him easily enough... what's more, he stayed in his seat (albeit standing up) during dinner and was very cooperative while I fed him rice. He fed himself radish from the sinigang. Mommy was truly, truly amazed!

With leafy veggies, he'd chew on them and just spit out the stalks.

Did I say, am proud?


He wouldn't watch other cartoons though. He insists on Signing Time vids all the time.


He had fun at Ice's party yesterday. He danced a lot, ran after the bigger boys as if they were playing with him. He even positioned himself right in front of the kids engaged in the party games. And this one time he was asked, with a mic, what the sound of a pusa (cat) makes, he answered accurately enough, "Miyaww".

He was asked again what sound a PIG makes, but just babbled on the mic. But still, Mommy was tres proud!

And of course, he insisted on blowing the candle on the cake :)


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