Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Hard Day

Yakee got so many souvenirs today of his uhm... spiritedness. First, he skinned his right knee at Plaza Dilao while trying to play with the big boys.

Then he was amusing himself by going around in circles and bumped his temple big time on the corner of a cabinet. The bruise is smack dab in the center of his head/hairline.

Then Mommy failed to catch him while he was trying to cling to the stair railings like a monkey, so he hit the floor with the back of his head.

Poor, poor baby.


We watched SO MUCH of Signing Time videos today. One time, he even got the plug of the player and tried figuring out where to plug it so the video will play. He accidentally knocked the two remotes, looked at me, and proceeded to put them back in place (and stacked too!)


I know his Crocs slippers are still slightly big for him but because of that fact, he's also able to put them on by himself.

His Ninangs gifted him with a light basketball and basket ring and he's having a blast making his father shoot baskets while he refuses to let go of his new orange ball.


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