Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Loving and OC

You have gotten to be cry-y and whiny... usually, over your Pappie having to work.

Last Saturday, we had you fetched so you can attend counsin Lianne's birthday party in Pampanga because I still had class. They told us you were absolutely wonderful, dancing and joining games and just really having fun. But when I kissed you and you realized it was me, you cried buckets. I guess this slow process of us letting you go is also hard on you. I should really stop thinking that it was only us who worry.

You pushed Yamee today... and I note this (and me having spanked you) because I want you to know that you struggled controlling your emotions. I know you ARE a loving brother and will grow up more able to express that love. It really is a process, baby, and I know it isn't easy on you when we ask you to be gentle. After all, even we are sometimes not that gentle. Hopefully, all my entries here will show you someday how you grew.

You're also developing a certain kind of OC behavior that I know manifest in kids your age. You refuse to have your light blue Crocs along with the other shoes. It stresses you when the shoes are in disarray... or the vehicle toys. Even if I tell you i'd clean up after Yamee, you obsess... and pack away the minute you can.

In eating, you've really settled on a system of choice foods first before laboring with the rice. And usually, you don't want your food touching, or you want us to put certain food in certain parts of your plate (which is why Yamee will never have such a plate!), but would later on mix them all. When you're ready.

You are now asking me to sound off the first letters of words. Too bad the books I ordered got delayed... but no sweat. At least I know you are real ready. In your own way too, you have mastered counting 1-10 without pressure and stress from you or me. That is a blessing.

Me being gone 3 straight days per week for my Waldorf crash course IS gettting to you... because I also have to catch up on a lot of things after, so we don't get to play as much. What's funny though is sometimes, you'd be all sad-faced to tell me we forgot to exercise :)

You enjoyed Chinese New Year celebrations with your father... and is feeling all PIG inside, though sometimes you wish you were a DRAGON.

I see your big smiles, naughty expressions and often cannot help how beautiful and handsome and attractive you are. Hopefully, you will be one of those people... forever cheerful. Take note, son, cheerful... not hyper.

I really love you more.


My FB alerts about you this month:

Yakee: Mommy, the ants are like beggars.
(not sure she heard it right)
Me: The ants are like what?
Yakee: The ants are like beggars, they're looking for food.

Oh gosh.


Pappie: Why did you wake up at 5 am to use the computer?
Me: Because of this conversation with Yakee.

Yakee: Mommy, can you close your computer?
Me: Why should I close my computer?
Yakee: Because I want a Mommy that plays with me and my baby (points to Yamee).


We should really stop egging Yakee to eat his rice because he does get to it in the end... he just likes his fish and veggies first. And I can just heap on more veggies instead.


You know those P.E. exercises you once thought boring? Well, teaching them to my son exhausts me so much. Who knew circling your arms could hurt like hell...


Because it was "More Fun at Paco Park", we were denied entrance from their exclusive event... and that resulted in my son crying and whining for around 30 minutes, unwilling to accept that I am not delivering on my "run around the park" promise.



Me: Oh Yakee, you're going with Pappie later ha? To fetch lolo.
Yakee: And then, after we fetch him, he will say, "where's my paborit? where's my paborit." he doesn't say favorite, he says paborit.

Told my Dad about this... he now says 'favorite' :D


I am happy that Yakee is finally hitting the ball when I pitch it to him. Proof his hand-eye coordination has improved.

It sucks though that when he hits the ball, the ball hits me. Most of the time.



A few nights ago.
Me: Iakob, what is stopping you from sleeping? It's way past your bedtime.
Yakee: It's you! You're making noise so I can't sleep. It's too noisy.
Me: Okay... I'd stop practicing the recorder.

(sigh... and to think I was practicing the ONE SONG I believed I was already playing well)


Yakee, in love)
~ while at Duty Free in Clark ~
Y: Mommy, I sooo much love you.
Me: I love you more, baby.
Old woman who heard: Gosh, that is so sweet!
~ while having dinner the other night ~
Yakee comes to me with the seashell bracelet he got from his cousin's party
Me: That is nice.
Y: It's for you. Because I love you very much.
Me: Aww, baby, thank you for being so sweet.

(It was specially wonderful because I was wondering when my son will start coming to me bearing gifts, hehe)


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