Thursday, June 14, 2012

Back to School

You know... last week, you were very insistent that you do not want to go back to St. Michael. Everytime I would raise the idea, you'd go all upset and would repeatedly tell me, "Mommy, I said I don't want to go."

You'd only give two reasons...  that you just want to stay and study with me, or want to stay with Yamee.

So I prayed and talked to your "I"... saying I just want to understand. I was worried you thought I was shooing you away, to think I was already very worried about when the time comes when you're not going there anymore and would really need to just stay at home. Sure enough, you woke up wanting to go to school, and would start throwing tantrums because I wasn't bringing you yet. But then telling you the number of nights you have to sleep worked for you.

And yesterday morning, you woke up early and raring to go. Pappie also told me you gave him a delicious kiss goodbye. And, of course, you were happy to go home with a red balloon and a new apron.

You were such a happy, sweet boy today... I hope I've told you enough how thankful I am that you're you.

Miscellaneous FB updates:

Yakee and I are trying to memorize the Friendship Song from Curious George by singing it nonstop :D Haha...told him it's his song for Yamee 'coz they're both crazy monkeys.

I let Yakee stand on a chair and took him dancing... and of his own volition, he twirled me, the way his Pappie Jojo did at the party last Saturday.

As I was savoring the moment, teary-eyed... he started laughing so hard then said, "Mommy, I smell something bad. It's just my fart."



At bedtime these days, I'd have a son who'd talk to himself till he falls asleep... and another one who 'practices' crying while nursing.


At Church last Sunday, the priest asked, "Who among you is in love?"

Yakee raised his hand. I asked him, "You're in love?" and he said yes, giggled and then said, "with you."


While on video call, my sis XiAh asked Yakee, "Yakee, do you have a girlfriend?"

Yakee smiled and said, "Only my Mommy."

How many years do I have left ba before I cease to be the center of his world? Hahaha. Love it!


Pappie and Yakee bonding over the Pacquiao-Bradley fight.

Yakee: Look Mommy, you see Bradley? he just came out. Look oh, that's Bradley with the chocolate face.
Pappie: Mahal, you call them black.
Me: No, African-American
Yakee: Ok.

(after a while)
Yakee: Look there's Manny Pacquiao o. The one with the funny face.


While praying, Yakee said..."Papa Jesus, thank you for Mommy telling me about the boy."

I asked which boy, so he went on, "The boy in the cage, the one with the footsteps."

He's referring to Rizal at Fort Santiago. And that's how we celebrated Independence Day.


When Yakee came home from first day of school, he came running inside, dropped his things and ran upstairs with arms wide open shouting... "Yamee, where are you? I'm here na. I miss you my bestfriend."


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