Monday, December 20, 2010

Just So You Know

... I love you so much.

But Mommy lost it with you earlier, because you were hitting Mommy when I was just talking to you about respecting Ice's property. I lost it because you still haven't even apologized for biting me so hard the other day, with the bite still bruised till now. I hate having you turn on me and I hated realizing just how big and strong you're getting.

You're really not a baby anymore. And despite the fear, the pain, the sadness over you growing up, there is also that celebration of your willfulness that must only come from being so loved and raised feeling secure. You're your own person and a thinking one at that.

Mommy is sorry, not really for hitting you, but for still learning how to discipline you better. Mommy is sorry for being tired and sleepy and for not being more strict with our structure, our routines.

Oh, but how I love you.


You wowed a pretty girl and her Mom at Aristocrat, enough to get her to ask for a balloon for you. She said you're very smart. Later, you'd get people looking and smiling by using a display platform at Robinson's Place as a stage. You danced to music from your father's phone. Half the time, you danced like a dork. But we were proud and you were happy :)

I guess the book given to you by Ninag Jet (I hope you dance) is taking seed.


I didn't know that you're ready for puzzles (acting intimidated by them lots of times before) but look at you here!


Your grandparents love you, baby.


We had a scare for a while about you having primary complex. But Dr. Mantaring said to observe you for a while since he doesn't believe you do. Not when you're that talkative and interactive... I thank God that you are thriving, baby.


You were fighting with Ice earlier on who's able to really 'gentle touch' Yamee.

Despite all the major, major tantrums and meltdowns lately, you have never lashed out at Yamee. So, I just know, you really have a protective sense for him.


Miscellaneous FB statuses concerning you:

~ sniffs... Yakee's big enough to warrant entrance fee at Star City... and to be able to ride more rides... *bittersweet emote*

~ can just imagine Yakee's delight from watching Little Big Club... hope Pappie can manage and they'd have a blast.

~ Yakee: No, Pappie, that's not a fart. That's a FROG. (after Pappie told Yakee that Yamee is farting)

~ sporting a swollen wrist from Yakee's bite... and scratches in the other. I love my son but some days, I just want him detained somewhere.

~ wonders how to best impart to Yakee that his every thought shouldn't be spoken out loud,especially if he's saying someone is ugly or has funny eyes (You see, at Dampa, you said, "Pappy look, funny eyes" at the man selling glow sticks... then when Ninang Gang was hangig the wash, you said, "Ninang, you know, that girl, so ugly." referring to the neighbor's helper)

~ overheard Pappie reading to Yakee, "And this is the ankylosaurus, the dinosaur whose balls are misplaced. So you, you shouldn't ever misplace your balls ha?" (so yeah, if not for the bonding component, I wouldn't allow him to read to our son)

~ sighs... after some 20 mins of crying to let him in when he could do it himself, now Yakee is crying for me to lock him outside

~ "Arrgh... the brothers keep pooping together! And just when am about to pump!!!"

~ hates that Yakee's been diagnosed with primary complex, she just hopes nobody from their home gave it to him.

~ shares (overhearing Yamee crying at the other house) Yakee: "Mommy, get Yamee! Take care of him, Mommy, please, please."

~ hopes that the brothers who poop together, grow up loving each other :D

~ is concerned abt Yakee's on and off fever but is opting to not overworry since the child can still throw tantrums as usual

~ hopes Big Brother Yakee's fever is a viral something, and not because she's been negligent of her firstborn *haaayst*

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