Monday, July 27, 2009


About two months ago, I started listing down the words that Yakee says, babbles, understands and signs. It was hard because he generally responds to conversations already and I keep realizing that I forgot to include certain words in the list so in the end, I just stopped updating the list.

But for what it's worth, let me blog about those words. And some words he could sign, he could also say.


giraffe, zebra, butterfly, cow, chicken, duck, lizard, fruit, lollipop, chocolate, cake, pizza, drum, umbrella, xylophone, cup, sit, Ninang, Tito, Momsy, poop, pee, star, wash, smile


lion, bird, tiger, horse, monkey, bear, elephant, rabbit, dog, cat, fish, frog, juice, egg, apple, peach, pear, grapes, vegetable, ball, balloon, bubbles, bug, hot, cold, candy, flower, trumpet, telephone, towel, sleep, outside, car, spoon, fork, Mommy, Pappie, lolo, lola, milk, watch, book, cooking, cookie, banana, orange, dirty, clean, red, nice, wet, dry, happy, blanket, play, toy, yes, boy, girl, train, bus, boat, plane, bath, soap, cereal, color, cheese, tree, wind, rain, plane, goodnight, help

Now... he just really knows more words! And funnily enough, he speaks Tagalog (and in phrases) when we're at my in laws ("Di masarap, yoko nyan, etc") and still refuses to repeat "I Love You".

Ask him to say Goofy and he'd say, "Sfufi" :D


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